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HSM-40 Air Wolves Plaque, 14″, Mahogany, Navy


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HSM-40 Air Wolves Plaque

What could be a more powerful symbol than that of the HSM-40 Air Wolves?  Capture your squadron time with this 14 inch carved wooden plaque.

*Our plaques are made to order and can be customized accordingly!

The use of naval aviation insignia is a modern form of heraldry that dates back to the early period of naval aviation in the 1920’s and captures many proud moments of its history. The practice fosters a sense of pride, unit cohesion and contributes to high morale, esprit de corps and professionalism within the community. It also serves as an effective means of preserving a command’s tradition, continuity of purpose and recognition, as traced through its lineage. The following rules are provided to ensure that all command insignia and slogans are in keeping with the highest traditions of the proud naval aviation heritage.

Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron FOUR ZERO (HSM 40) is located in Hangar 1552, Naval Station Mayport, Jacksonville, Florida. The squadron was established 4 October 1985 to serve Helicopter Maritime Strike Wing Atlantic. Their mission is to provide quality training to Fleet Replacement Pilots and Aircrew so they may fight and win at sea.

HSM-40 is one of two MH-60R Fleet Replacement Squadrons. We train pilots and aircrew of the U.S. Atlantic Fleet, along with foreign students from around the globe. Here, students train in Naval Aviation’s premiere rotary wing ASW weapons system, the MH-60R “Seahawk.”

Operational flight training consists of ground, simulator and flight events, and is administered by a cadre of fleet-seasoned pilot and aircrew instructors. The squadron is comprised of multiple MH-60R aircraft, weapons/tactics trainers, and full-motion/full-visual operational flight simulators. Computer integrated training devices economically produce complete mission simulation and dynamic aircrew training without ever leaving the ground. Upon syllabus completion, freshly graduated pilots and aircrew report to either an operational HSM Expeditionary squadron or an HSM Carrier Air Wing squadron.

In every theater of operations, in every climate, and in every projection of force, there will be AIRWOLVES, past, present, and future, ready to serve!

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