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HS-75 Emerald Knights SH-3 Sea King Model,Sikorsky,Mahogany Scale Model


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HS-75 Emerald Knights SH-3 Sea King Model

Fly with the HS-75 Emerald Knights SH-3 Sea King in this handcrafted wooden model.  Each piece is carved from wood and handpainted to provide a piece you’ll love.

Length -16 inches

Established June 1, 1970, Emerald Knights have been stationed at NAS Lakehurst, NAS Willow Grove and NAS Jacksonville. The squadron has flown the SH-3D, SH-3G, SH-3H, UH-3H, SH-60F and HH-60H helicopters. At the time of closure had six SH-60F Seahawks. Disestablished March 1st, 2007

Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Seventy Five has the mission of conducting carrier- based, all-weather, anti-submarine warfare, Fleet contributory support for plane guard, life guard and utility operations for the Reserve aircraft carrier or other carriers as assigned.

The “Emerald Knights” of HS-75 stand at the forefront of the Navy’s new role for the reserves — that of fleet contributory support. In addition to maintaining readiness for wartime mobilization, the men and women of HS-75 frequently deploy aboard Atlantic Fleet aircraft carriers in support of Fleet and Training Command carrier qualification operations. The squadron has spent nearly 100 days at sea in the past year, an operational pace unprecedented in the history of the Naval Air Reserve. Sixty percent of the command are selected reservists who participate in the Naval Reserve as a second career.

They conduct ground and all-weather operations training towards maximum readiness; search for, detect, track and destroy enemy submarines independently or in conjunction with other air, surface or submarine forces; protect convoys and naval task forces against submarine attacks; conduct anti- submarine barrier and patrol operations; control non-combat surveillance and reconnaissance; and conduct Combat Search and Rescue in combat and Search and Rescue operations in non-combat environments.