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HML-765 Patch – Sew On


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HML-765 Patch – Sew On

4.5 inch patch

HML-765 was activated 15 April 1958 at MCAS Miami, Florida. With the closure of that base, the squadron relocated to Jacksonville, its home for the next ten years. In 1968, HMM-765 was again relocated, this time to Atlanta, Georgia. The squadron would be here until deactivation in 1976. During 1971 the squadron traded in its UH-34Ds for the UH-1E and was redesignated HML-765. HML-765 was deactivated in 1976 to make room for VMO-4 and HMA-773. Its personnel were used to form HMA-773.

Activated 15 April 1958 at Miami, FL, as MARINE HELICOPTER TRANSPORT SQUADRON 765 (HMR-765).

Redesignated 1 April 1962 as MARINE MEDIUM HELICOPTER SQUADRON 765 (HMM-765)

Redesignated 1971 as MARINE LIGHT HELICOPTER SQUADRON 765 (HML-765).

Deactivated 30 June 1976 at Atlanta, GA.

ID Code: 5H 1958 (MARTD Miami); 6F 1958-68 (MARTD Jacksonville); 5B 1968-72 (MARTD Atlanta); MR 1972-76
Aircraft: HUP-2 (UH-25B); HSS/HUS (SH34G,J/UH-34D); UH-1E

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