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HC-7 Seadevils CH-46 (1969) Model, 1/38 (14″) Scale, Mahogany, Phrog, Navy,


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HC-7 Seadevils CH-46 (1969) Model

Fly with the Sea Devils of HC-7 in this hand crafted H-46. Each piece is carefully carved from wood and hand painted to provide a piece you’ll love!

Length – 14 inches

Helicopter Combat Support Squadron Seven (HC-7) was a helicopter squadron of the United States Navy.
The squadron was nicknamed the SEADEVILS, established September 1, 1967, N.A.S. Atsugi, Japan. At this time the ONLY dedicated Navy Combat Search and Rescue squadron. Cerberus, the mythical three headed dog who protected the Gates of Hades (the Gates of Hell), became the symbol for this over tasked helicopter squadron, representing the original missions; Combat Search and Rescue, Vertical Replenishment, Seventh Fleet VIP. These tasks expanded to include Aerial Mine Countermeasure, Oceanographic support, Incident response (Korea-1968 & 1969) and Heavy repair center. March 1971, the home base relocated to N.A.S. Imperial Beach, CA. while decreased detachments, the Combat Search and Rescue commitments increased.
While the North Vietnam conflict intensified the squadron deployed 16 separate detachments, constantly on the move, branded with the nick-name “The Orphans of the Seventh Fleet”. Their temporary homes changed positions, (ships leaving the war zone) the Seadevils cross-decked to a new ship on an average of 14 days. Move all the crew, tools, parts, helos to another temporary home.
HC-7, one of the most highly and most decorated naval aviation squadrons for their heroic actions. 150 persons were rescued, some from deep within North Vietnam, many along the coast of hostile territory, men over board and local persons. Several attempted rescues were conducted along with countless medical evacuations.
1974, HC-7 continued to provide worldwide combat search and rescue capabilities and the development of rescue techniques, also HC-7 Det Cubi (Heavy repair center) closed. HC-7 disestablished June 30, 1975. The legacy lives on. ( hc7seadevils.org )

During the Vietnam War a combat support squadron of the United States Navy established Sept. 1, 1967 and disestablished June 30, 1975. One of its members, Lt.(J.G.) Clyde Everett Lassen received the Medal of Honor
Providing continuous Combat Search and Rescue along the coast and inland of North Vietnam for six and one half year, nicknamed “The Orphans of the Seventh Fleet” Cross-Decking on average every 15 days to a new home as the host ships departed the Tonkin Gulf. Cross-decking, in this sense, is the practice of sharing or relocating assets between ships while underway rather than while in port.
Also; Seventh Fleet Flag Helicopter, Vertical Replenishment, Mine Countermeasures and Helicopter Support for North Korean incidents .