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95th Fighter Squadron DEATH WITH FINESSE Patch – Sew On


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95th Fighter Squadron DEATH WITH FINESSE Patch – Sew On

A 3 5/8″W x 4 1/4″ 95th Fighter Squadron DEATH WITH FINESSE Patch of United States Air Force.

The 95th Fighter Squadron was a United States F-22 Raptor squadron at Tyndall Air Force Base.[4]

The 95th flew combat in the European Theater of Operations and the Mediterranean Theater of Operations between 25 December 1942 and 3 May 1945.

It flew fighter escort and air defense from 1947 to 1949 and air defense from 1952–1973.

Prior to 2010 it conducted advanced fighter training for the F-15 Eagle.

World War II

The squadron was activated in early 1942 at Harding Field, Louisiana as the 95th Pursuit Squadron,[3] one of the original three squadrons of the 82d Pursuit Group. It soon moved to California where it equipped with Lockheed P-38 Lightnings and began training with Fourth Air Force as the 95th Fighter Squadron. It left California in the fall and sailed for Northern Ireland, where it received additional combat training under Eighth Air Force. A month after the initial Operation Torch landings in North Africa the squadron deployed to Algeria, where it entered combat as an element of Twelfth Air Force.

In North Africa, the squadron flew antisubmarine patrols, bomber escort missions and attacked enemy shipping and airfields, moving its base east through Algeria and Tunisia. As the North African campaign drew to a close, the unit began attacking targets in Italy, earning a Distinguished Unit Citation[3] for its actions on 25 April 1943 during an attack on enemy airfields in Foggia.[6] On this mission, the squadron’s aircraft flew hundreds of miles at an altitude of 100 feet to destroy dozens of enemy aircraft at Foggia while suffering minimal losses,

In May 1943, the 95th was tasked with bombing Pantellaria, supporting the Allied invasion of Sicily. In part due to the squadron’s efforts the garrison surrender just prior to the Allies landing on the island.[citation needed] In September, the squadron participated in Operation Husky, the invasion of Sicily, during which it was awarded a second Distinguished Unit Citation for a bomber escort mission against marshalling yards near Naples.[3][6] In this mission the squadron protected 72 North American B-25 Mitchells without loss while destroying numerous attacking enemy fighters.

The squadron moved to Italy, where it became part of Fifteenth Air Force as part of the buildup to provide fighter cover for Fifteenth’s heavy bombers.[6] On 10 June 1944 the squadron earned a third Distinguished Unit Citation for its actions during an attack on oil refineries in Ploiești, Romania.[3] During this attack each aircraft carried a 1,000-pound bomb and a 300-gallon gas tank. The squadron also took part in some of the first shuttle missions to the Soviet Union.

At the end of World War II, the 95th destroyed more than 400 aircraft including 199 air-to-air kills and had seven aces. Following the surrender of Germany, the squadron remained in Italy until September 1945, when it was inactivated.