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75th Air Base Wing Patch – Plastic Backing


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75th Air Base Wing Patch – Plastic Backing

A 4.1″W x 3.9″H squadron patch of the 75th Air Base Wing with plastic backing.

The 75th Air Base Wing (75 ABW) is a wing of the United States Air Force based out of Hill Air Force Base, Ogden Utah. It provides base operating support for the Ogden Air Logistics Complex, the 388th, 419th Fighter Wing, 84th Combat Sustainment Wing, 309th Maintenance Wing, 526th ICBM Systems Wing, 508th Aircraft Sustainment Wing and 25 associate units.

Until the fall of 1942, the 75th Observation Group aided ground units with their training by flying reconnaissance, artillery adjustment, strafing, and dive bombing missions. The 75th participated in the 1942 Louisiana Maneuvers. It functioned primarily as a replacement training unit from 1943–1944, and also conducted a Ground Liaison Officer course from January–April 1944. The 75th was inactivated in May 1944.

The 75th was reactivated as a wing in May 1966. It performed RF-4C replacement training from February 1967 – August 1970, and tactical reconnaissance from July 1966 – July 1971. On inactivation in 1971, the 75th’s resources passed to the 67th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing.

The 75th was reactivated in 1994 to provide services and support for the Ogden Air Logistics Center and its tenant organizations at Hill Air Force Base.