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313th Tactical Fighter Squadron Lucky Puppies F-4E


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313th Tactical Fighter Squadron Lucky Puppies F-4E

Fly with the Lucky Puppies of the 313th Tactical Fighters Squadron in this hand crafted F-4E model. Each piece is carefully carved from wood and hand painted to provide a piece you’ll love.

Established under the Northeast Air District (later First Air Force) as a pursuit squadron, initially equipped with second-line aircraft. Transferred to Southeast Air District (later Third Air Force) in late 1941, re-equipped with P-40 Warhawks. Trained in the southeast, being reassigned to Air University in 1943 becoming a training squadron at the Army Air Forces School of Applied Tactics in Florida.

Re-equipped with P-51 Mustangs and trained as an operational squadron, being deployed to the European Theater of Operations (ETO), being assigned to IX Fighter Command in England in May 1944. Re-equipped with P-47 Thunderbolts, the squadron supported Allied ground forces in France after D-Day, attacking enemy strong points, troop concentrations, armor formations, bridges and other targets. Moved to Normandy and operated from several forward bases in Northeast France during the summer of 1944 as Allied ground forces moved eastwards towards Germany. Supported the Fifth Army movement from Southern France though the Lyon Valley, then into Occupied Germany as part of the Western Allied invasion in the spring of 1945. Remained in Germany as part of the United States Air Forces in Europe occupation forces, demobilizing over the summer. Inactivated in Colorado, November 1945.

Reactivated on 15 November 1976 at Hahn AB, Germany. From this perspective the 313th made a huge jump from P-47 Thunderbolts to the F-4E Phantom II. In 1981 the 313th became the first unit to operate the F-16 Fighting Falcon in USAFE. Inactivated at the end of the Cold War on 30 December 1991.

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