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313th Airlift Squadron C-141B Model


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313th Airlift Squadron C-141B Model

Fly with the 313th Airlift Squadron in this hand crafted C-141 Starlifter model. Each piece is carved from wood and hand painted to provide a piece you’ll love.

Length – 18 inches

The 313th Airlift Squadron is a United States Air Force Reserve squadron, assigned to the 446th Operations Group, stationed at McChord Field, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington. It is an associate unit of the active duty 7th Airlift Squadron, 62d Airlift Wing.

The mission of the 313th consists of airlift and aerial delivery on a worldwide basis, flying the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III jet transport. The majority of the airlift mission is conducted in the Pacific and Alaska; however, missions are also flown to Europe, Africa, and South America.

Mission Statement
Provide mobility-ready aircrew to deliver safe and effective airlift to achieve our Nation’s worldwide commitments.

Patch History
Patch created by Larry Kangas in 1983. On a light blue disc in front of a black mountain with a white snow cap, a blue demi-globe outlined and grid lined yellow issuant from base overall a horizontal arced flight symbol above a white parachute supporting a white triangle within a narrow yellow border Significance Blue and yellow, are the official Air Force Colors. Blue represents the sky, the primary theater of Air force operations. Yellow represents the sun and the excellence required of Air Force personnel; the mountain portrays the rugged, majestic mountains with which squadron personnel are familiar from daily flying. The globe represents the worldwide mission of the squadron. The parachute depicts the airlift and airdrop nature of the squadron’s history. The flight symbol with two trails symbolizes the merger of the Reserve Associative unit with the Active duty unite into a single total force.

World War II
Activated in late 1943 as a Douglas C-47 Skytrain troop carrier squadron, trained under I Troop Carrier Command in the United States. Was not deployed until the spring of 1945 to England, being assigned to the IX Troop Carrier Command. Was not used in combat operations, however did transport supplies and equipment to the front-line ground forces primarily into Germany and evacuated casualties to rear areas. Returned to the United States in September 1945 and was a transport squadron for Continental Air Forces until its inactivation in September 1946.

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