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18th Wing Unguibus Et Rostro Patch – Plastic Backing


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18th Wing UNGUIBUS ET ROSTRO Patch – Plastic Backing

A 4.1″W x 3.9″H squadron patch of the 18th Wing UNGUIBUS ET ROSTRO with plastic backing.

The United States Air Force’s 18th Wing is the host wing for Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, Japan and is the Air Force’s largest combat wing. It is the largest and principal organization in the Pacific Air Forces Fifth Air Force.

The Wing’s 18th Operations Group is a successor organization of the 18th Pursuit Group, one of the 15 original combat air groups formed by the Army before World War II.

The 18th Wing’s mission is to defend U.S. and Japanese’ mutual interests by providing a responsive staging and operational airbase with integrated, deployable, forward-based airpower. The focus of the unit’s operations is directed to accomplishing this mission. Strategy used to employ this mission centers around a composite force of combat-ready fighter, air refueling, airborne warning and control and rescue aircraft as well as medical aircrews tasked with transporting patients by air.

The 18th Wing is composed of five groups each with specific functions. The Operations Group controls all flying and airfield operations. The Maintenance Group performs Aircraft and Aircraft support equipment maintenance. The Mission Support Group has a wide range of responsibilities but a few of its functions are Security, Communications, Personnel Management, Logistics, Services and Contracting support. The Civil Engineer Group provides facilities management, while the Medical Group provides medical and dental care.

18th Operations Group (Tail Code: ZZ)
18th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron (Medical Aircrews)
31st Rescue Squadron (Pararescue)
33d Rescue Squadron (HH-60G)
44th Fighter Squadron “Vampire Bats” (F-15C/D)
67th Fighter Squadron “Fighting Cocks” (F-15C/D)
623d Air Control Squadron “Lightsword” (JADGE)
909th Air Refueling Squadron “Young Tigers” (KC-135R)
961st Airborne Air Control Squadron “Ronin/Cowboy” (E-3B/C)
18th Mission Support Group
18th Contracting Squadron
18th Communications Squadron
18th Force Support Squadron
18th Logistics Readiness Squadron
18th Security Forces Squadron
18th Maintenance Group
18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
18th Component Maintenance Squadron
18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
18th Munitions Squadron
718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
18th Medical Group
18th Aerospace Medicine Squadron
18th Dental Squadron
18th Medical Operations Squadron
18th Medical Support Squadron
18th Civil Engineer Group
18th Civil Engineer Squadron
718th Civil Engineer Squadron
Team Kadena includes associate units from five other Air Force major commands, the Navy, and numerous other Department of Defense agencies and direct reporting units. In addition to the aircraft of the 18th Wing, associate units operate more than 20 permanently assigned, forward-based or deployed aircraft from the base on a daily basis.

The fighting cock emblem, approved in 1931, symbolizes the courage and aggressiveness of a combat organization.


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