VA-66 Waldos (1975) A-7e Model
VA-66 Waldos (1975) A-7e Corsair II Model, LTV, 1/31 Mahogany Scale Model, Navy

VA-66 Waldos (1975) A-7e Model Fly off the USS Independence again in this 18 inch wood A-7e model of the VA-66 Waldos. Each model is carefully carved from Mahogany and painted to provide a piece you will be proud to … Read More

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VA-66 Waldos Plaque
VA-66 Waldos Plaque, 14″, Mahogany, Navy

VA-66 Waldos Plaque A beautifully carved 14 inch solid wood plaque of the VA-66 Waldos!   Show your aviation lineage with truly artistic craftsmanship of the Navy’s finest symbols. The use of naval aviation insignia is a modern form of … Read More

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