HSL-49 Scorpions Tail
HSL-49 Scorpions SH-60 Seahawk Tail

HSL-49 Scorpions SH-60 Tail A perfect unique addition for the HSL-49 Scorpion member with this 20 inch wooden tail of a SH-60B. Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light Four Nine, known as the Scorpions of HSL-49/HSM-49 is stationed at Naval Air Station … Read More

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HSM-49 Scorpions MH-60R Model
HSM-49 Scorpions MH-60R Seahawk Model,Sikorsky,Mahogany Scale Model

HSM-49 Scorpions MH-60R Model Flying with the Scorpions in this 16 inch wooden HSM-49 Scorpions MH-60R. Each model is carefully crafted from wood and painted to provide a unique piece you’ll treasure. This scheme is a creation of Shane Meyder … Read More

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HSM-49 Scorpions Plaque
HSM-49 Scorpions Plaque

HSM-49 Scorpions Plaque Collect all your squadrons with this all wood 14 inch HSM-49 Scorpions Plaque. The use of naval aviation insignia is a modern form of heraldry that dates back to the early period of naval aviation in the … Read More

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