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VA-210 Blackhawks Squadron Patch – Plastic Backing


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VA-210 Blackhawks Squadron Patch – Plastic Backing

Lineage: Established as Reserve Attack Squadron TWO HUNDRED TEN (VA-210) on 1 July 1970. Disestablished on 30 June 1971. The first squadron to be assigned the VA-210 designation.
Squadron Insignia and Nickname The squadron’s insignia was approved by CNO on 15 April 1970. Colors for the insignia were: sky blue background with three concentric rings of yellow,
dark blue and yellow, all outlined in black; yellow lightning bolt; black aircraft and flag staff; red pennants; dark blue waves; and a white scroll outlined in black with black lettering. Nickname: Unknown.

Chronology of Significant Events 1 Jul 1970: VA-210 was a reserve squadron established as part of a reorganization intended to increase the combat readiness of the Naval Air Reserve Force. Assets from reserve squadron VA-2Z1 were utilized to form VA-210. 14 Dec 1970: The squadron conducted its last operational flight. 30 Jun 1971: The squadron was disestablished due to its replacement by the addition of two fighter squadrons to Reserve Air Wing 20.

Home Port Assignments
Location Assignment Date NAS South Weymouth 01 Jul 1970

Commanding Officers
Date Assumed Command CDR W. M. Hollister 01 Jul 1970

Aircraft Assignment
Type of Aircraft Date Type First Received TA-4B 1970* A-4C 1970*
* These aircraft were operated by VA-210 but may not have been permanently assigned to the squadron.
Air Wing Assingments
Air Wing Tail Code Assignment Date CVWR-20 AF 01 Jul 1970